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Food to me mean so many things. It is of course nutrition for the body and a necessity to live. It is health. It is hospitality and fellowship. It is creativity, craft, knowledge and science. It is heritage. It is culture and a whole world to explore! To me it is also love. I always put my love into making food for the people close to me, no matter if it was an ordinary day and meal or for a festive celebration.

On my blog I have recipes for ordinary days that you can make quickly and that are easy to make. But I also love to make the traditional dishes from all over the world. Dishes that maybe the old aunties in the villages are the only one´s to make from scratch and can be forgotten if not passed on.

Here you can find my recipes and instructions to make tasty and special dishes from various countries and cultures. I have made all the dishes and taken the pictures to show you step by step.

My first International experience was living in the USA. Since than I have been working with International Development Aid around the world. This has exposed me to so many cultures and ways of living in different parts worldwide.

I love to try local food and dishes. Since 2012, I have had a food-blog were I have posted recipes and pictures of dishes I make from around the world. It is my passion, and it is so amazing to learn all the different kitchens out there and the ways people cook. It is fascinating to understand how various spices are used and what kind of pots and pans other cultures cook with. It is interesting to experience how the same ingredients take on new life just through the spices used in the world’s various kitchens.

It is like magic to  bake or make desserts from vegetables that I always only had for dinner in Norway. I love to find the most traditional dishes in a country and make them. Dishes that barely no one makes at home anymore, only the elderly women in their villages, dishes that might be forgotten if younger people don’t learn how to make them.

I can spend hours, days, and sometimes weeks studying how various people might make a traditional dish. And than try to make it myself as authentically and traditionally as possible. Often it will take a lot of research and planning to even find ingredients. It has been a big adventure and a learning experience. It is something I love to share.

My daughter Frida felt I needed a more modern blog, so I now have this new blog to post both new and old recipes. She has initiated it and also helped to set it up to run. So thank you, Frida, for the help and push and the appreciation of my passion.

Hope you all will enjoy my blog and cook along with me around the world!

Bjørg Farstad


Björg Farstad



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