Under 30 minute meals

Overnight Oats!

Overnight Oats! Yes, that is right, these are not desserts, but breakfast made from Oatmeal! It is so quick, healthy and easy. I just prepare the base the night before and put the topping on in the morning. It is like porridge from oatmeal but without cooking.

Fride Rice with a twist

I never want to waste food. And often I compose a meal from leftovers I have. This meal is such one. I looked at my ingredients and thought: What can I make? Yes a delicious Fried Rice with a twist.

Roast Beef Sandwich with Rootveggies

Sometimes it is great to be able to put together a meal that doesn’t take too much time. What is better than a sandwich. I had sliced roast beef in my freezer and could take out a few pieces. What else; A couple slices of toast, some chopped onion and garlic, a couple leaves Pak…

Soy Glazed Cod fillets with Bok Choy

During busy days ”Under thirty minute meals” are great. And I have a lot of recipes and ideas for those. Here is my tip of the day. It is delicious and took just a few minutes to make (about 15 to be exact).

Luxurious Club Sandwich

It is quick and easy to make this luxurious sandwich yourself at home. Last week I suddenly felt like eating sandwiches. I started out with Norwegian Sandwiches and than continued to Club Sandwich. I had sliced meat in the freezer from my Christmas ham and even the other ingredients I needed at home. So I…

Cloud Eggs Sandwiches (Baked Eggs Nests)

When I was growing up one of the treats at night after coming in from the barn was warm cheese sandwiches and hot chocolate milk. But sometimes my mom made some really festive hot sandwiches with sausage and with whipped eggwhites on top and the eggyolk in the middle. This particular weekend as I was…

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