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Thai Pumpkin Custard, Sankaya

A speciality from Thailand. Thai pumpkin custard, Sankaya is a Thai-style inside out pumpkin pie in which a lightly sweetened coconut milk and egg custard is steamed inside of a hollowed out pumpkin.

Mango Sticky Rice

In many countries in Asia it is now Mango season. In countries like Thailand and Vietnam a special dessert is the sure sign of the spring and summer, “Mango sticky rice”. It is usually eaten in the peak Mango season, the months of April and May. The main ingredients needed are sticky rice (glutinous rice),…

Norwegian Charlotte Russe

Charlotte Russe is both a cake and dessert. I remember my mom made this when I was growing up in Norway. I decided to make it the other night. It is made with Raspberry Roll Cake and Lime Mousse. It is really fresh tasting.

Norwegian Riskrem

A dessert loved in Norway is Riskrem. I loved it and my mom used to make it from left over Riceporridge. In Sweden I learnt to know it as ”Ris A La Malta.” Try this simple but lovely dessert!

Japanese Sufflé Pancakes

Japanese Sufflé Pancakes with homemade whipped cream and fresh berries!

American Pumpkin Pie

I have made pumpkin pie many times but never been as satisfied with it as this one. The taste is incredible. And I believe it is because I bake the pumpkin to prepare the pumpkin puré instead of boiling it. Try this receipt!

Norwegain “Karamellpudding”

Growing up in Norway there would always be Karamellpudding on my mothers partytable. It is the Norwegian version of the french Cremé Caramel. This is still maybe the most popular dessert in Norway for the most festive occations.

Mørk Hemmelighet (Dark Secret)

Norways “Mørk Hemmelighet “ which translates into “Dark Secret” is a wonderful mousse cake covered in an outer layer of chocolate pudding, it has bits of tropical fruits, nuts and raisins inside, a perfect match with the chocolate. It is incredibly light and not too sweet. I think it’s a unique dessert but I never…

Norwegian “Vannbakkels”

When I was growing up there was one pastry my mother used to make that was very special. It was called “Vannbakkels” in Norwegian. It means “Waterpastry”. I understood that this was a very special pastry. I didn´t understand why though. It was not so much flavor in the pastry itself, however when it was…


My mothers Norwegian Fruitsalad made with sliced bananas, apples, oranges and grapes mixed with whipped cream.

Watermelon Popsicles and Ice Cubes

There is nothing better a warm day than a slice of watermelon. I love to take it with me to the beach or on a picknick. You can freeze watermelon. Cut small cubes and freeze and use them as ice-cubes in a drink or just a glass of water. Cut them in icecreamshapes and stick…

Aquafaba Meringues

When Cooking with chickpeas from a can, what do you do with the liquid if you don’t add it to your dish? Do you throw it away? Did you know the liquid called Aquafaba can be used instead of eggwhites? I made meringues from Aquafaba the other day. Had some fun with piping multiple colors…

Rainbow Ice Cream

This week Stockholm Pride is celebrated, however only digitally due to Covid-19. Saturday is always the Day for the Pride Parade through Stockholm. I am a proud parent of my daughter Frida who is gay. We usually go into the city to watch the parade. It is such a happy celebration full of love and…

Norwegian Skolebrød

As a Norwegian this is my favorite from growing up, Skolebröd means Schoolbun. And it was and still is a favorite in Norway!

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