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How to Season Your Cast Iron Skillet

It is 38 years ago since I bought my set of Cast Iron Skillets. I was 19 years old and I was going to move to my own apartment in my homecountry Norway. With todays prices it was a real investment. And they last for life and generations if taken care of. I have moved a lot over my life and these skillets have weighed heavy in my moving boxes. However they have come along. And even if they are old, they seem totally brand new and better than ever these days. I don´t need a non-stick pan even, since I season my cast iron pans. This is how you can take care of your Cast Iron Skillets.


For me mealprepping is more than making ready meals. It is also prepping ingredients and in the most economical way possible.

Homemade Nutella

Did you know you can make your own Nutella without any sugar?!!! Well I did the other day.

Learn to Pickle

You don’t need a vegetable garden or a fancy party as an exuse to make your own pickles. Neither do you have to preseve food for the whole winter. I use to make pickles often to not waste small vegetables I have in the refrigerator. It could be a cucumber I worry I will not use before it will go soft, a carrot or two, a small piece of cabbage, some apple or pear, anything really. It is fast and easy!

Watermelon Popsicles and Ice Cubes

There is nothing better a warm day than a slice of watermelon. I love to take it with me to the beach or on a picknick.

You can freeze watermelon. Cut small cubes and freeze and use them as ice-cubes in a drink or just a glass of water. Cut them in icecreamshapes and stick a Popsicle stick in each. Freeze and you have a watermelon icecream or cold drinks to look forward to!

Aquafaba Meringues

When Cooking with chickpeas from a can, what do you do with the liquid if you don’t add it to your dish? Do you throw it away? Did you know the liquid called Aquafaba can be used instead of eggwhites? I made meringues from Aquafaba the other day. Had some fun with piping multiple colors as well.

Homemade Cream Cheese

I saw that I had some milk and cream that would be outdated so I decided to treat myself and make my own Creamcheese. I never want to waste anything when cooking. I even had some fresh herbes and special salts and honey. From these ingredients I made six different cream cheese flavours. I tend to save small jars and today they came to perfect use. #zerowaste

Bouquet garni

Bouquet garni, which is French for “garnished bouquet,” is a classic herb mixture used for preparing stocks, soups, casseroles, meats, and vegetables.

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