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Easter Traditions

Do you perhaps celebrate by searching for Easter eggs filled with candy, painting beautiful Easter eggs, decorate with twigs and feathers, “Gå Påskkärring” or go skiing? Yes, this sounds like an ordinary Swedish Easter. But why do you celebrate Easter really? Is it for the candy and eggs, social interaction with friends, family, or to…

American Christmas Cookies

Last Friday night I was exhausted from work and needed to clear my head with something creative. So what is better than making Sugarcookies, American Christmas Cookies with decoration. I both made the dough, baked and decorated before sleeping. So honestly it was getting towards morning hours when I went to bed. I made them…

Gingerbread Cookies and Gingerbread House

Gingerbread Cookies is a “must” in Sweden and Norway for Christmas. Gingerbread House baking is also very popular. You can use the same dough for both. Get in the mood for Christmas!

Rainbow Pancake Cake

Rainbow Pancake Cake is easy and fun to make. Kids will love to help and eat and even grown ups! Make it a celebration!

Pokémon Cookies

Are you a pokémon fan or want to impress someone who is? Well these cookies are easy to make, fun and festive to give away, serve and eat!

Homemade Play Food Set for Kids

Bake your own playfood with this simple “trolldough.” Creative and fun to make with or for kids. They will love to make it and also to play with it.

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