Italian Easter Bread

This Traditional Italian Easter Bread is a soft sweet brioche dough formed into wreaths and topped with coloured eggs & sprinkles. I colored the eggs uncooked. And they cooked as I baked the bread in the oven.

Irish Soda Bread

Soda Bread is a common bread baked in Ireland. It is fast and easy and requires no yeast.

Tasty Anise Pretzels

I am sharing a food memory tonight to honor my Aunt Martha who passed away. Today was her funeral. I could not be there since the funeral was in Norway and due to Covid-19 it is not possible for me to partake. So to honor my aunts memory and life I have baked and eaten…

Luxurious Club Sandwich

It is quick and easy to make this luxurious sandwich yourself at home. Last week I suddenly felt like eating sandwiches. I started out with Norwegian Sandwiches and than continued to Club Sandwich. I had sliced meat in the freezer from my Christmas ham and even the other ingredients I needed at home. So I…

Christmas Inspired Foccacia

Focaccia, known and loved in Italy and abroad, is yeasted flat bread which belongs essentially to the northern shores of the Mediterranean and has its origin in classical antiquity. I love to decorate the Foccacia bread and this time I was inspired by Christmas ahead of me.

Norwegian Smørbrød

One of the first festive dishes I remember my mom making and even me helping with is Norwegian Smørbrød. Smørbrød is a traditional Norwegian treat at many festive occations. My mom would make them for homeparties, celebrations of various kinds. I recreated them like she used to make them.

Moms Wheat Croissants with Ham and Melted Cheese

As a tribute to my Mom today I am also giving attention to World Bread Day. I have baked Moms special Wheat Flour Croissants, Restaurant Style. My mothers Wheat Flower Croissants are the best. They are served with ham and cheese and heated for some seconds so the cheese melts. One Croissant is like a…

Mexican Conchas

Conchas are a soft and sweet Mexican bread with a topping that resembles the surface of a seashell. This is where the Concha gets its name, since “Concha” means “shell” in Spanish.

Italian Focaccia

Focaccia wonderful tasting Italian bread. This bread as it is known today dates back to 16th century.


Homemade Bagels feels like such a special treat. It is not hard to make and gives a silverlining to the day or night.

Norwegian Skolebrød

As a Norwegian this is my favorite from growing up, Skolebröd means Schoolbun. And it was and still is a favorite in Norway!

Soft Pretzels

German pretzels are famous! Make them yourself. They taste like right from the professional bakery!

Pumpkin Biscuit

Pumpkin can be used in so many dishes. Try these Yummy pumpkin biscuits!

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