Dried apple snacks

Peel a bunch of apples. Core properly and then slice into about 23 mm thick slices. Either you put them then on a grid, put them in the oven at 100 Celsius degrees with the stem of a spoon at the door so there is a tiny gap. Then, just wait until they have the perfect texture. Best is to put them in early in the evening and then turn off the oven when going to bed. Than in the morning they will be done.

Option two is a bit cozier but takes longer time – Cut the apples in apple-rings and hang to dry on a string, or as me I used Chinese chopsticks that I put on a cooling rack I have. Anyways whatever you have, hang the apple-rings somewhere where they can be left alone. A good place is in front of a window so they get some sun. Just leave them until they have the right texture.

If you have a drier you can also dry your snacks at 40 degrees for about 12 hours.

I made different kinds of apple-snacks. Some I cut to rings and some I just cut in small pieces that can be added into a breakfast bowl with yoghurt and muesli.
The apple snacks can be stored in a glass-jar or a plastic container.

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