For me mealprepping is more than making ready meals. It is also prepping ingredients and in the most economical way possible. This weekend I had a project to prep beans, chickpeas and tomatoe and vegetable sauce for future cooking. I use to buy dried beans and chickpeas. It is very cheap compared to canned. I also feel it is healthier and tastes better. However it takes time to cook with them. So I use to make a lot and freeze in for later use. Dried beans needs to soak at least 12 hours and than zimmer for hours.

A really good vegetable and tomatoesauce needs hours of cooking. So my pots and pans have been busy. But now I have portioned all for freezing. This will give me great cheap ingredients quickly during the whole fall.

I also had a butternut squash. So I roasted all the vegetables for the tomatoesauce and the squash for about 45 minutes at 175 Celsius degrees.

After I put the vegetables in a pot on the stove and added water and spices and let it zimmer for hours.

The butternut squash I pureed and made some pumpkin latte and also prepared a bag for the freezer for later use. I roasted the seeds from the squash in the oven on a parchmentpaper and it is now in a jar to be used as topping.

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