Norwegian “Vannbakkels”

When I was growing up there was one special pastry my mother used to make that was very special. It was called “Vannbakkels” in Norwegian. It means “Waterpastry” if it is translated. I understood that this was a very special pastry. I didn´t understand why though. It was not so much flavor in the pastry itself, however when it was filled with the filling it was delicious. I used to help my mom make these sometimes. And I remember how she stressed the importance that they only could be filled right before the serving. They didn´t look so special before they were filled and sprinkled with icing sugar. But than they were really beautiful. And they tasted wonderful.

I didn´t know that these pastries were the french Petit Choux. Actually I didn´t undestand that connection before just recently when I have been watching all these baking shows and there is always a competition where the bakers have to make these with fillings and all. And it is always a hard task. I realize that my mom taught me this when I was so young I don´t even remember my age. But the Norwegian name rather makes it sound like a simple pastry.


  • 125 g butter
  • 2 1/2 dl water
  • 125 g flour
  • 2 – 3 eggs


  • 3 dl Cream
  • 1 tsp sugar
  • jam, fruit, cottage cheese, berries


Boil water and butter.

Add the flour while whisking all the time and the pan still on the stove.

Whisk until the dough let go of the pan and forms a smooth lump.

Take aside and let cool a bit.

Add the eggs one at a time while all the time whisking.

The dough should not be too loose, so wait to see the consistency before you add the whole last egg.

Set the oven to 225 Celsius degrees.

Fill a piping bag with the dough and pipe the dough on a tray covered with a floured baking sheet.

This will make about 16 “Vannbakkels”. If you want them bigger you get fewer.

You can place the dough on the baking tray with two spoons as well if you don´t have a piping bag.

Bake in the oven for about 20-25 minutes. Do not open the oven to let the air out or cold air in.

When they are golden turn off the oven and open the oven door a little and leave the “Vannbakkels” inside for a few minutes to start cooling down.

Take out and let them cool on a cooling rack.

Make the filling:

Whip cream and sugar.

Mix jam or small bites of fruit or berries in the cream. You can also mix cottage cheese and cream and fruit. Actually mix what you like in the cream. I made one filling with cream and the Rose Hip marmelade I made. And than I made one filling with cottage cheese, fruits and cream.

Cut the pastries in halves and place filling on the bottom part. Place the top carefully on top of the filling. Sprinkle icing sugar over the pastries and serve at once.

Do not fill before you are ready to serve. You don´t want the “Vannbakkels” to get soggy.

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