Mango Sticky Rice

In many countries in Asia it is now Mango season. In countries like Thailand and Vietnam a special dessert is the sure sign of the spring and summer, “Mango sticky rice”. It is usually eaten in the peak Mango season, the months of April and May. The main ingredients needed are sticky rice (glutinous rice), canned or fresh coconut milk, salt, palm sugar and mangoes. Give it a try to make this popular dessert at home!

Mørk Hemmelighet (Dark Secret)

Norways “Mørk Hemmelighet “ which translates into “Dark Secret” is a wonderful mousse cake covered in an outer layer of chocolate pudding, it has bits of tropical fruits, nuts and raisins inside, a perfect match with the chocolate. It is incredibly light and not too sweet. I think it’s a unique dessert but I never saw anyone else than my mother make it. Yesterday I decided to recreate it in memory of my mother.

Norwegian “Vannbakkels”

When I was growing up there was one pastry my mother used to make that was very special. It was called “Vannbakkels” in Norwegian. It means “Waterpastry”. I understood that this was a very special pastry. I didn´t understand why though. It was not so much flavor in the pastry itself, however when it was filled with the filling it was delicious. I used to help my mom make these sometimes. And I remember how she stressed the importance that they only could be filled right before the serving. They didn´t look so special before they were filled and sprinkled with icing sugar. But than they were really beautiful. And they tasted wonderful. I didn´t know that these pastries were the french Petit Choux.