Norwegian Riskrem

A dessert loved in Norway is Riskrem. I loved it and my mom used to make it from left over Riceporridge. She served it with red berry sauce. The rice porridge was mixed with whipped cream and some vanilla essence or powder. And the sauce poured over. As a dessert it was served cold.

In Sweden I learnt to know it as ”Ris A La Malta.” It is made with Rice porridge, whipped cream and vanilla as well. However without the red sauce. Instead fresh orange bites are cut and mixed in. Usually it is a dessert on the Christmas Table.

For Christmas I have combined my Norwegian heritage with Swedish and other cultural traditions.

Christmas Eve I made Riceporridge (Christmas porridge) for lunch as always. I ate it while watching my favorite Christmas movie ”Tre Nötter til Askepott.” It is a Czechoslovakian film and this film has been shown on Norwegian TV Christmas Eve for 47 years. I secured it on DVD some years ago since I cannot see Norwegian channels. I made sure to get some leftover rice porridge. So today I made Riskrem, However with the Swedish twist turning it into Ris A La Malta.

”The Hobbit” is shown on TV right now and the Hobbits actually also enjoy Ricepudding as a second breakfast I learnt. I hope they will not come here and take mine😋.

Today I enjoyed a Swedish Traditional cookie ”Knäckflarn” with it. This is also a traditional Norwegian cookie and even Irish. In Ireland called Irish Lace Cookie. I baked it on the Cookalong with Frida and Ciana before Christmas and the recipe is on my blog. Today I ate it the Swedish way filled with whipped cream.

As you can see I didn´t put any measurements in this post. You know it all depends on how much porridge you have and how much whipped cream you want in it, also if you want oranges just do it according to your own taste. So I like it a little light and fluffy and that requires some whipped cream to get that consistency.

However here a recipe you can calculate from

  • 3 dl cream
  • 1 tbsp sugar
  • 1 ts vanilla sugar (or essence)
  • 3 dl cooked rice porridge
  • 2 drops Almond essence (if you like)

1 orange, peeled and cut in small bites.

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