Afternoon Tea

This weekend I treated myself to Afternoon Tea. I had some bakery in my freezer that I could create with. So this became my treat after a while.

Petit Choux filled with cream, apples and oranges. Knäckflarn /Lace Cookies filled with cream. Marble Cake, Saffron Buns topped with cream, apples and oranges. Mini Sandwich with Chorizo Sausage, Cheddar Cheese and Bell Pepper. Toast with Turkey meat and tomatoes. The Mini Sandwiches I heated for a few minutes in the Airfryer to melt the cheese a little.

You do not need fancy ingredients to make a perfect Afternoon Tea. It just needs to look pretty and petite. That is my opinion. So just use whatever you have and make it festive.

Recipes for Petit Choux, Marble Cake, Lace Cookies and Saffron Buns are here on my website.

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