My mothers #Fruktsallad#Fruitsalad

Growing up my mother used to make a special treat as an evening meal for special occasions and also for Birthday parties. It was Fruitsalad served on wheatbuns. The fruitsalad was made of sliced bananas, apples, oranges and grapes mixed with whipped cream. We would eat it on a bun like a sandwich. For some reason I have been thinking about it these days and wanting to make it. I did have my Mexican Conchas in the freezer, which is also wheatbuns. So I decided to recreate this Norwegian treat with a Mexican touch. Instead of whipped cream natural yoghurt can of course be used. If we had this at night my mom would make hot chocolate to drink. And that is perfect with Conchas as well.

For this you don´t really need measurements. Simply take the fruits you have and as much as you think you need and cut them and mix in a bowl. Mix whipped cream and add a teaspoon sugar for sweetness. Mix it all. Serve in a bowl as dessert or on a wheatbun.

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