Vietnamese Bánh Bò Nướng

This Vietnamese cake Bánh Bò Nướng is one iconic cake in Vietnamese cuisine. The name comes from the honeycomb structure which can be seen when you cut a cross section of the cake. Honeycomb cake is traditionally served warm and is perfect on its own or with a nice cup of hot tea. I love this cake and it is great if you are glutenintolerant.

Irish Lace Cookies, Swedish Chocolate Caramel and Christmas Candy with Cornflakes

Cookalong with Frida and Ciana Sunday night. They in Frisco, Dallas Texas, USA and me here in Sollentuna, Sweden. This time we made Swedish and Irish Christmas Candy and Christmas Cookies. We made Irish Lace Cookies with Chocolate filling. This is a traditional cookie in Swedish also and we call them Knäckflarn and fill them with whipped cream. We made Swedish Chocolate Caramel and Christmas Candy with Cornflakes.

Norwegian Opp-ned-kake (Upside-down-cake)

The 11th December was mom’s birthday. So I wanted to make a cake she used to make. I had not made this one in such a long time. I was looking through her recipes and remembered I loved this cake. It is a Chockolate cake with hazelnut caramel topping and vanilla cream filling. The cake is baked up-side-down. The bottom filling made with hazelnuts, butter and sugar becomes the top.

Norwegian Kransekake

Kransekake, the main piece on a Norwegian partytable. Kransekake, with its tower of granulated almond paste rings, is the signature cake of Norway and a staple at wedding, anniversary, birthday, and holiday celebrations. This cake is the Crown Jewel of what my mother taught me. She used to make this for so many parties for family but also as orders from people in the community who had special celebrations.

Fruit and Chocolate Cake with Jelly

Growing up in Norway Cake was always on the menu for various celebrations and occations. And not only one but lots of different cakes. My mother made cakes of all kinds and for all different purposes. A dessert that was very common during my childhood and teenage years was Jelly with vanilla sauce. It was a kids favorite and a modern dessert back than. My mother some times used to combine cake and jelly and made fancy cakes that way for special occations. So this cake is a Fruit and Chocolate Cake with Jelly! And with vanilla filling.

Norwegian “Marmorkake” (Marble Cake)

My mother used to make Marble Cake. I thought it was very impressive when I grew up, how she could make the pattern inside the cake. I cannot remember I have made this since I moved from Norway actually when I was young. So I wondered if it is still being made. As I searched for it I found it is made but referred to as “An Old Fashioned Formkake”. Formkake is a Norwegian term for a lot of coffee cakes that you bake in a pan and than cut in smaller pieces. So this is one out of many. Anyways the marble is what is special with this one. Last night I recreated my mothers Marmorkake.

Norwegian Lefse (Tjukklefse)

Lefse is a traditional kind of flatbread made in Norway. It is used as coffeebread with different fillings. There are so many variations across the country and unique to regions and families. My mother had so many recipes and we used to bake Lefse of various kinds before Christmas. We would make so much it would last throughout the year. I was very little when starting to bake Lefse with my mother. This recipe from my mom is one of the easiest one´s to make, “Tjukklefse” (thick Lefse). It is filled with a spread of butter and icing sugar which is whisked fluffy . Lefse is eaten as a coffee cake.