Cloud Eggs Sandwiches (Baked Eggs Nests)

When I was growing up one of the treats at night after coming in from the barn was warm cheese sandwiches and hot chocolate milk. But sometimes my mom made some really festive hot sandwiches with sausage and with whipped eggwhites on top and the eggyolk in the middle. This particular weekend as I was thinking what to make from the frozen eggwhites I got nostalgic and I started to think about my moms special sandwiches and how it was made and wanted to make it myself.

Norwegian Christmas Pressed Ham

Growing up in Norway on a farm we used to slaughter a pig for Christmas. From the meat we had food throughout the coming year. My mom used everything on the pig. I now tried to make one special pressed ham she would make especially for the holiday. We would eat this as cold cut on bread for breakfast and on sandwiches as an evening meal coming in from the barn. The spices made the kitchen smell Christmas.


Lapskaus – Norwegian Comfort Food

Growing up in Norway we always made this from leftovers. It could be leftovers from sunday dinner on mondays or leftovers from many dinners during the week. So it did not always have the same ingredients. But it would always be a creamy, comforting stew consisting of potatoes, vegetables, some kind of meet, sausage or whatever leftovers. And it would be in a sauce, maybe also leftover.

Learn to Pickle

You don’t need a vegetable garden or a fancy party as an exuse to make your own pickles. Neither do you have to preseve food for the whole winter. I use to make pickles often to not waste small vegetables I have in the refrigerator. It could be a cucumber I worry I will not use before it will go soft, a carrot or two, a small piece of cabbage, some apple or pear, anything really. It is fast and easy!

Rainbow Ice Cream

This week Stockholm Pride is celebrated, however only digitally due to Covid-19. Saturday is always the Day for the Pride Parade through Stockholm. I am a proud parent of my daughter Frida who is gay. We usually go into the city to watch the parade. It is such a happy celebration full of love and joy. I wanted to celebrate this day and her. So I have made a special homemade icecream, Rainbow Ice Cream.

Homemade Apple Sauce

Today I have made Applesauce from fallen apples. Last night there was a heavy thunderstorm and heavy rains. In the common yard outside my apartmentcomplex there are these big appletrees. Anyone can pick the apples but I never see anyone but me do it. However most are so high up I cannot reach them. But due to the weather apples fell to the ground last night. This morning I went out and picked them. I have now cooked all and I got 2 kg of free Apple Sauce! I will freeze the jars and it will last me a year.

Homemade Cream Cheese

I saw that I had some milk and cream that would be outdated so I decided to treat myself and make my own Creamcheese. I never want to waste anything when cooking. I even had some fresh herbes and special salts and honey. From these ingredients I made six different cream cheese flavours. I tend to save small jars and today they came to perfect use. #zerowaste