Lamb Roast Beef with Vegetables

My Easterdinner Easter Sunday was Lambroastbeef with Carrots, Rutabaga, potatoes, cabbage, mushrooms and sauce from the roasting. With it I had my Italien Easterbread with the egg. The sauce from the roast was delicious for dipping the bread. I was so satiesfied with my Eastermeal. It was my first time to make Lambroastbeef. And this meal was a different style from a typical Swedish Easter dinner. Since I am alone I skipped the Buffée dishes that is usually my Easter meal tradition since living so long in Sweden. This meal suits any occation and time of the year.

Olive Oil Cake

Since I started my new website Bj´s Live Kitchen I also started an Instagram account @bjslivekitchen. I enjoy following other instagram foodaccounts. So I love to just watch and get inspired. Last night I baked an Italien Olive Oil Cake from a recipe on the instagramaccount of historicalitalianfood, Karima Moyer-Nocchiof @historicalitalianfood I really love it! I never baked like this with olive oil before. And it was my first time to taste Olive Oil Cake. It was so easy to make and tastes so great! Check out the recipe!


Cookalong with Frida and Ciana last night. They in Frisco, Dallas Texas, USA and me here in Sollentuna, Sweden. We made Bacalao. It is a dish with a long history and found in so many countries. It came to Norway and Möre and Romsdal where I come from hundreds of years ago from Portugal. We made it the Norwegian way today. We had to use fresh Fish since we didn’t have the dried salted cod made in Norway since the Viking times and now exported all over the world to Bacalao lovers.

Traditional Italian Corzetti

Corzetti is an Italian pasta which tradition goes back to the medieval ages. Corzetti is small circles of pasta with a flowery decoration stamped on it. This edible art is made by using elaborate wood stamps. Making them at home is quite unusual today as it takes time and finding corzetti stamps is not that easy. However, there are still few artisan woodcarvers, especially in the East Italian Riviera, who work to preserve this ancient culinary art and carves gorgeous garnishing stamps just like centuries ago.